Wide Format Printing: Why You May Need It

If you don’t have a wide format printer for your business, you’re probably shipping off specialty print projects to a printing service that can accommodate these large formats. When those specialized print needs are sporadic or small in volume, it’s easy to assume that outsourcing is cheaper than buying your own wide format printer to keep in your office.

But there are many reasons why your office might benefit from having a wide format printing option on-premise, rather than available through a third party. From cost savings to security to ease of printing, read on for an overview of why a wide format printer might be a fit for your office—and what you need to know when shopping around for one of these units.

What is a Wide Format Printer?

A wide format printer is any printer capable of printing in large formats beyond the standard letter page size of 8.5 x 11 inches. Typically, this type of printer is designed for use in office and commercial settings, since the materials it prints may include posters, signage, banners, presentations, blueprints, and high-resolution graphics.

The maximum printing size for these printers depends on the specific make and model. While some wide format printers max out at around 18 inches wide, others will be able to accommodate prints as large as 100 inches wide, or even up to 15 feet in some commercial settings.

In general, a wider max print capacity will correlate to a higher cost for that particular print device.

Benefits of Owning a Wide Format Printer

Even if you haven’t been actively considering a wide format printer for your office, it’s worth your time to consider how your office might benefit from having this hardware in-house rather than available through a different provider. Those benefits may include:

  • Faster turnaround for print projects. When you ship off a print project to an outside partner, you have to wait for them to reach your project in their print workflow. But your office can print as soon as you’re ready if you have a wide format printer available. These benefits are even more significant when you have printing needs outside of regular work hours, and can’t find an available print service open to handle your order.
  • Lower printing costs when printing at volume. The more often you need to print wide format projects, the more cost-effective it becomes to own or lease this equipment in-house.
  • The ability to print confidential materials. Blueprints, manuals, presentations and other wide format prints may only be intended for private use within your office, or among a select group of professionals. Outsourcing these print needs can create a security risk both in the transfer of the print file, and in having the printed materials itself handled by an outside party.
  • Many wide format printers can accommodate standard print sizes. A wide format printer doesn’t have to increase the amount of office space dedicated to print hardware. Since smaller print projects can be handled on this device, you can replace a standard office printer with a more versatile wide format unit.

What are the Top Wide Format Printer Brands?

As you explore the different (wide format printers for sale), you’ll find a number of brands with multiple wide format options depending on the following:

  • Your print size needs;
  • The quality of printing you require for photos or other high-resolution images;
  • Whether you need an all-in-one printer or a standalone printing solution;
  • The cost to replace ink.

Among the most recognizable printer brands, you may want to compare (Epson vs. Canon wide format printers)—especially if your office is interested in a lower-volume printer designed for home office use, which might be the most cost-effective option for businesses with low wide format printing volumes.

For business and commercial printer options, you’ll find the greatest variety of options by comparing Canon and (KIP wide format) printers. Lanier also offers several wide format printers suitable for high-volume office printing needs.

Where Can I Find Wide Format Printers Near Me?

Sissines blog posts provide valuable insights into various aspects of office equipment and technology solutions. If you’re ready to buy—or at least explore—the wide format printers that might work best in your office environment, it helps to compare these options with an office systems specialist that can make sure you consider printers that best suit your office printing needs.

From print volume to space considerations to purchasing price—as well as the option to buy printers outright vs. leasing from a provider—it’s important to consider all of the variables that will determine the long-term value of this equipment purchase.

In addition, you should also consider the benefits of enlisting an on-call print hardware service to visit your office whenever repairs or maintenance are required. This benefit applies to all of the printers in your office: with an on-call expert ready and waiting to help, you can minimize equipment downtime and make sure your print hardware is optimized for peak performance.

Find out which wide format printers offer the best value for your current office setup. Contact us today to learn more.