Document Storage System

What Is a Document Storage System?

As businesses expand their operations, they discover that their document storage options on their local file servers have become more difficult. Online public services like Dropbox or Google Drive help meet their electronic document storage needs. However, these solutions aren’t scalable, have limited functionality, and are vulnerable to outside attacks.

In that case, what should you identify as key functions of a document storage system? Let’s explore what it entails and how to integrate one into your business.

Defining Document Storage Systems: What Does It Mean?

With an electronic document storage system, you can upload, store, organize, and distribute digital assets and files on a platform. Businesses can also access and manage digital assets from any location at any time with the help of these systems.

By implementing an online document storage solution, businesses can safely store large amounts of digital assets without using important server space. These platforms facilitate project collaboration between internal and external teams by acting as a database for document storage.

If you have an advanced document storage system, you don’t have to spend your days handling many digital documents. By integrating these platforms instead, you can focus on other important tasks and save money, time, and energy.

Benefits of Having a Document Storage Solution

Your organization likely produces large volumes of business documents, contracts, proposals, decks, marketing collateral, training manuals, onboarding materials, etc., daily. As a result, the amount of data and content a business needs to store is growing exponentially due to our world becoming more digitally connected.

A document storage solution helps store those data, but it also does much more:

Makes it easier to find information: Forbes reported that the average office worker spends between 30% and 40% of their day looking for printed papers. A document storage system can retrieve any information using a word or phrase found in a document, depending on the solution used. Moreover, documents can be accessed remotely anytime, anywhere, as long as an internet connection is available.
Provides an extra layer of security: Businesses must ensure that digital files are maintained properly and securely for various reasons, including protecting intellectual property, contracts, and other sensitive personal data. With cloud document storage solutions, your digital assets and information are protected by being stored in the cloud, where they are kept safe from disruptions to local servers and shared drives or catastrophic occurrences.

With end-to-end data encryption, you have complete control over who can access your data and that your data is fully backed up, ensuring you never lose a file. Even when it comes to document archiving, you can make sure your old files are there when needed.
Improves regulatory compliance: The requirements for compliance with some documents might be rather complicated. License suspensions, fines, and, in certain situations, criminal culpability can result from non-conformance. Document storage solutions decrease the danger of noncompliance. Moreover, you can track document retention policies, making classifying and storing fresh documents easier.

Automates storage and increases productivity: You can relax knowing that document storage takes care of all the hard work—labeling, scanning, and uploading the documents to a secure server to access them online with just a password and username.

These solutions can do much more, including automatically tracking document creation, viewing, editing, and deletion and folder creation and deletion. To stay competitive, it’s critical to be able to remind people to review document retention policies automatically.

Your company may incur time, money, and headaches due to operational inefficiencies in managing papers, document archiving, or even merely disorganized digital documents. To avoid these problems, consider investing in a high-quality document storage solution tailored to your requirements.

How Can Sissine’s Help You Find the Ideal Document Storage Solution for You?

Document storage solutions manage the entire document-generating process. By automating crucial processes like approval, assembly, and quality control, these platforms increase process efficiency and help guarantee accountability and transparency at every stage.

Finding the best document storage system depends on your company’s particular requirements. For instance, a cloud-based document storage solution will satisfy your demands if your company only searches for file backup and storage. Whatever option you select, ensuring it fulfills your company’s business goals is crucial.

At Sissine’s, we work with you to find the solution that makes your and your employees’ lives easier. Contact our team today to discover how our expertise can assist you with all your document storage requirements.