How to Fix a Difficult Paper Jam

How to Fix a Difficult Paper Jam

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all dealt with it. A big project is due and suddenly, your printer starts acting funny. Yes, it is the dreaded printer jam. If you have a printer at home or in the office, know this is a certainty. Also known as a misfeed, this problem can leave you in the lurch and make an already stressful deadline that much more stressful. Fortunately, some people know the cause and the fix for this problem, and that is exactly what this article is for! Here, you will learn how paper jams can happen and how to fix them so you’re not jammed up in the future!

Causes Of A Paper Jam

Learn how to fix a paper jam in your wide-format printer with these steps. Stay calm, turn off the printer, reload paper properly, and inspect rollers. Prevent jams by avoiding overloading, interruptions, and maintaining a clean printer. For expert assistance, contact Sissine’s Office Solutions

One of the causes of a paper jam might be that the rollers of your printer are damaged. If this is the case, your printer cannot properly load the page it is trying to print.

It could also be that you are using paper that is incompatible with your printer. You always want to check to ensure that the printer you are using is compatible with your paper; otherwise, you could harm your printer and lose money on the paper you bought.

If it is not the paper and the rollers, you could have loaded the paper incorrectly into the printer. Other things to consider are if any doors on your printer shouldn’t be open or if your hardware has been damaged.

Paper jams are a reality of life with printers, but it might be time to buy a new printer if they happen frequently.

How To Fix A Paper Jam In A Printer

One of the initial steps in learning how to unjam a printer is easier said than done: remain calm. It is easy to get frustrated and start trying to rip pages out of your printer, but if you do this, you risk damaging your printer. This could be an even bigger hassle and possibly an expensive one.

Turn off the printer

This is always a classic. Anytime you are having trouble with electronics, the first form of troubleshooting is generally to turn the machine off and back on again. While the machine is turned off, you can check to see if you can gently fix the paper jam. If this is not the case, you should proceed to other troubleshooting steps.

Also, ensure all your projects are canceled before turning the printer off.


This might seem like a simple solution, but often, paper jams are caused by improperly loading pages into the printer. If there is paper jammed in the printer, slowly remove it. Once you have done that, clear the loading tray and try reloading the paper into your printer.


If this doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer inspection. You’ll want to remove all the paper and check to see if anything doesn’t look right. Specifically, check the rollers to ensure they are clean and aligned; if they are dirty, clean them with a slightly dampened towel. You also want to check that they are rolling freely.

If none of these tips work, it might be time to call an expert and have them take a look for you.

Ways To Prevent A Printer Jam

One of the best ways to fix a paper jam is to not have one in the first place. Follow these tips to prevent paper jams:

  • Don’t load too much paper
  • Only load an empty tray of paper
  • Don’t interrupt the printing process
  • Keep your paper cool and dry
  • Make sure your printer is clean

If you have questions or need help with a paper jam, please contact Sissine’s Office Solutions today!