3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Printer With an Inserter

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Printer With an Inserter

One aspect of running a business includes communicating with your clients by sending them mail, and if you’re looking to streamline this process and improve efficiency, consider integrating a copier machine. While many businesses now give their clients the option of receiving communications via email, 73% of Americans still prefer to get direct mail, or mail delivered directly to their home by the post office. In 2020, 14.6 billion letters were sent and received in the U.S. alone.

Documents like account statements, letters, notices, and invoices all contain sensitive information and are among the preferred documents that people like to receive by post. When they’re delivered via direct mail, they pose less risk of being lost or ending up in the wrong hands than email does.

With all that mail being sent, one has to wonder, how much time does it take for businesses to actually send out direct mail? Traditionally, this time-consuming task was done by manually printing, sorting, folding, stuffing, or inserting the documents into envelopes. Not only does this process eat up a bunch of working hours, but it also allows for human error, especially the longer someone has to sit and sort.

Thankfully, technological advances have given us envelope stuffing machines. What is an envelope stuffing machine, you ask? Great question. Below, we’ll go over what an envelope stuffing machine is and the three reasons your business would benefit from having one.

What Is an Envelope Stuffing Machine?

An envelope stuffing machine is sometimes also referred to as a printer with an inserter. It’s a paper folding and envelope stuffing machine that automatically prints your documents, folds them, and inserts — or stuffs — them into envelopes. These machines also have fully automated feeders, which allow you to place all the documents that you need to copy, scan, or fax into the machine at one time.

The fully automatic feeder grabs the documents individually from the stack and copies or scans them so that you don’t have to feed each document into the machine one by one. By automating processes with a fully automated feeder and a letter folding machine and envelope stuffing included, your employees can be more efficient and productive with their time on the clock.

What Are the Benefits of Fully Automated Feeders and Envelope Stuffing Machines?

The three main benefits of utilizing a paper folding and envelope stuffing machinein your office are:

1. Speed

Stuffing envelopes takes time, and most people consider it mundane and busywork. When you’re paying your employees, you want their time spent on the job to be as productive and efficient as possible. Sending out mail is necessary, but it’s also a time suck, especially when you have massive amounts of mail to send out.

The average person can print, fold, stuff, and seal roughly 300 letters in an hour. An envelope stuffing machine can do about 1,300 in an hour. In other words, an employee would take a little more than half of their workday to get done what a paper folding and envelope stuffing machine can do in an hour.

2. Accuracy

We mentioned above that when people are responsible for printing, folding, stuffing, and sealing mail, there’s a margin of error that exists simply because we’re human. And the longer you spend doing repetitive work, the greater the risk for error is.

An envelope stuffing machine allows you to enter client and other information into a database, and the machine uses that information when printing, sorting, and stuffing. The only room for human error now exists in maintaining and updating the database, which is a far lesser amount than before using a fully automated feeder.

3. Cost

The upfront cost of a paper folding and envelope stuffing machine can be a large investment; however, there’s also a high return on your investment.

If you think back to how much faster these machines are than their human counterparts, you ultimately end up spending less money in the long run because you’re not paying someone to do the same work in four times the time the envelope stuffing machine can do it in.

Making It Easier to Send Direct Mail

Direct mail is a staple of any business, big or small, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Implementing a fully automated feeder in your business practices is the best way to save time and money and prevent mailing errors.

If you’d like to experience firsthand the benefits of a paper folding and envelope stuffing machine to advance your business in the Jacksonville area, contact us today.