Why Should I Buy Ink Cartridges in Bulk?

Why Should I Buy Ink Cartridges in Bulk?

While print hardware may represent a bigger up-front cost to your office, the real long-term cost of in-house printing is influenced primarily by your printer paper and ink.

Ink costs in particular can run up to hundreds of dollars per year, per printer—and if your office prints at a high volume, those numbers can stretch even higher. But given the even higher cost of outsourcing your printing to a third-party provider, in-house printing remains the most cost-effective option for many business offices.

Although the retail price of ink cartridges can be a burdensome line expense, your business can reduce this overall cost—and reap other important business benefits—by purchasing ink cartridges in bulk. Here’s a look at five key business benefits that come with bulk ordering.

1. Bulk pricing will reduce your ink expenses.

As with any other type of office supplies, printer ink can be purchased in bulk—and in exchange for that large purchase, you can score your business a nice discount off of the suggested retail price.

Bulk pricing may also be negotiable, too, depending on the distributor selling the ink and whether you’re working with a procurement specialist to net the best price possible.

The more you print, the more you stand to save by purchasing cheap ink cartridges in bulk. Just make sure you don’t buy so much ink that your supply hits its expiration date before you’ve worked your way through it—otherwise you’ll end up tossing out that ink, along with all of the savings you created through bulk ordering.

2. Larger orders mean more inventory and availability in your office.

Supply shortages are a nuisance in your office—and, in many cases, they can be avoided with proper planning. With supply chain issues disrupting so many aspects of your business operations, bulk purchases of ink and other supplies will give you peace of mind that you have the materials required to keep your office running.

If you’re nervous about supply chain shortages that may disrupt your access to ink orders in the near future, a timely bulk purchase right now could help your business steer clear of this disruption.

3. Your office will avoid bottlenecks created by printer issues.

Ink shortages in your office create a ripple effect that affect not only your print operations and your office workflow, but also your ability to provide your customers with timely customer service.

Whether it’s contracts that need signing, printed presentations for potential new clients, sales and marketing materials or informational packets to educate new and existing customers, an ink shortage can reflect poorly on your business.

Even if you’re able to run around the corner and have a third-party provider quickly print these materials, you’re creating a lot of extra cost and resource waste simply to cover up your shortcomings in planning out your printing needs.

4. Bulk orders reduce administrative time on office supply ordering.

Supplies ordering can be a tedious, time-consuming process regardless of which internal staff are assigned to this responsibility. When supplies are ordered in bulk, though, the frequency of these orders is reduced, drastically reducing the time your staff must spend ordering and tracking ink cartridge refills for your business.

Even if you’ve partnered with an office systems company that offers supplies ordering and procurement as part of its services, bulk ordering reduces the rate at which you have to go back and forth with your ordering point-of-contact, saving your internal teams time to put toward other projects.

5. Your business can become more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly business practices typically represent cost-saving measures. This can include measures such as recycling, reusing, or managing resource consumption to lower your environmental impact as well as your utilities bills.

Bulk ink cartridge refill orders can also aid in these efforts to embrace environmentally friendly office operations. By purchasing cartridge refills instead of replacing the entire cartridge each time it runs out, your business can lower its ink costs as well as the waste created by your printing operations. This saves your business money and can help you earn the good graces of customers who care about environmental issues.

If these benefits have sold you on the benefits of bulk ordering, you may be wondering: Where can I place bulk orders for ink cartridges near me?

For the best pricing and the most reliable ordering, it’s worth your time and money to work with an office systems specialist that assists in supplies procurement and fulfillment. Sissine’s employs in-house procurement specialists to help your business get the best deal when ordering refillable ink cartridges or any other supplies required by your office.

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