Sissine's Office Systems in Tallahassee, FL

     We offer a complete line of office equipment, document solutions, and managed IT services – offering everything a business needs, from copiers, faxes, and wide-format printers to electronic document storage solutions. Since 1981, we have been serving clients of various industries so that they can remain productive and competitive.

     Sissine’s has partnered with world-renowned brands like HP and Canon to provide award-winning products to businesses. Additionally, we offer a systematic plan that tells you which solutions your office requires to maintain its operation at total capacity.

        When you work with Sissine’s, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary spending. Let’s find out more about our area of operation.

Areas We Serve

provide regional support to businesses in multiple locations because we realize that companies’ local requirements can vary. Currently, the areas we serve include six locations, including Tallahassee. We also have offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, and Gainesville.

     Why work with Sissine’s?

     Here are a few reasons to work with Sissine’s, a managed IT service and
office equipment provider.

Get Steady Support 24/7

     We provide technical service and support for all your workplace devices and software, such as computers, tablets, servers, networks, software, e-mail, or the Internet. Our team of experts fixes issues remotely anytime you report a problem. We also offer in-person services if needed.

Reduce Your Workload

     Often, while growing a business, your IT professionals experience unexpected workloads. This puts extra pressure on other departments, as the employees need to support the IT department. However, Sissine’s can provide you with IT support to manage your additional workload and help your employees focus on what they do best.

     We can also assign IT teams where your in-house IT staff is lacking. Your IT professionals might not be able to solve every issue, or they might need to have the necessary skills. In such cases, hire us to support your in-house IT team and fill the skill gap.

Scale Your Business

     Sissine’s can help you scale your business by providing document solutions, applications, equipment, and office materials tailored to your needs. For instance, we can install and run applications like Dynamics 365 so you can manage your software needs as you’re scaling up or down. Additionally, you can get all kinds of printing, faxing, phone systems, drivers, and copiers, from Sissine’s to keep your business running.

Need to Print a Tabloid? We Can Help!


Get Proactive Maintenance

     Reactive approaches in business result in costly downtime. It would be best to keep your business operations smooth with proper maintenance support. Our maintenance experts ensure continuous remote monitoring and help you identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot potential risks.

      Our services include server data backups to protect against losses during network downtime, ensuring quick system recovery and continuous business operation.

Get Regional Support

     At Sissine’s, we cater to the distinct needs of businesses in different areas of operation with our local services. Find us in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, and Gainesville to discuss your unique business requirements.

Safeguard Your Business

     When using data and machines in business, you must stay alert to safeguard your intellectual property. Otherwise, your company gets exposed to cyber-attacks, hacks, and sensitive data breaches, damaging your reputation and risking your customers and vendors’ privacy.

     However, this is avoidable with Sissine’s IT support. With our vulnerability management, risk assessments, and proactive tune-ups, you can ensure your business’s safety.

Hassle-Free Collaboration


     Instead of assembling and managing a whole team for your IT needs, partnering with Sissine’s IT team allows you to obtain an added advantage: a single point of contact. The CSM communicates with your company as a single point of contact. Even if our CSM goes on leave or any unexpected event occurs, you don’t have to lose connection because we’ll assign another to keep things smooth.

     With 35 years of experience, you can rely on our seasoned experts, driven by a customer success manager (CSM) on your behalf, to meet your business goals efficiently.

     To scale your business with
document solutions, office equipment, and IT support, let Sissine’s help you take it to the next level. Call us at 850-655-7111 to reach our office at the Tallahassee location. Or visit us at your nearest office or contact Sissine’s to discuss your project in more detail.