2022's Best Printers for Your Small Business

2022’s Best Printers for Your Small Business

Given all of the hardware, software and other office equipment required to support your business operations, it’s easy for office printers to get lost in the shuffle. But for businesses that rely on in-house printing to supply everything from pamphlets and brochures to blueprints and schematics, the right printer can improve not only your individual print jobs, but your overall office operations.

In the market for new office printers, or simply curious about the devices currently on the market? From standard office printers to specialty hardware, it’s worth exploring the different options that could upgrade your in-house printing setup. With that in mind, here’s a brief overview of the best small business printers for 2022.

Best Small Business Printers for Everyday Use

A great all-around office printer will balance print quality, print speed, and convenient features such as mobile print capabilities. If your office is looking for practical print hardware that will fulfill typical printing needs and fit your print budget, both Canon and HP printers are worth checking out.

Both of these brands have great reputations as consumer printer brands, but they also have a long track record of delivering reliable, cost-effective printers for office environments. Canon and HP printers offer balanced hardware capabilities and user-friendly controls, making these printers more practical for offices where a number of different users may be printing on those devices.

Within the Canon and HP lineups, you can choose between black-and-white or color printers, and you can also base your decision off of specialized features such as duplex printing and/or print resolution.

Multifunction Printing: Best Printers for Small Business Offices

Multifunction printers are a common piece of office hardware that combine multiple services into one. In addition to print capabilities, an MFP typically offers a combination of services that may include copying, scanning, and/or faxing capabilities.

MFP devices can be a cost-effective option for smaller offices where a single piece of print equipment will be relied upon for a range of printing and related activities. Similarly, a large, busy office may seek out MFP print solutions to serve as a hub for a number of different office activities—particularly when adopting MFP hardware known for its speed in printing, copying, and performing other services.

Canon, Copystar and Lanier all offer a number of MFP print solutions, including multiple options for both black-and-white and color printing capabilities. Many of the units in Lanier’s line of MFP devices feature large, 10-inch LCD screens that offer a user-friendly experience for your office personnel.

Even in an office environment where many different print devices are being used, access to a MFP solution can be useful in alleviating print bottlenecks and keeping workflows moving in spite of heavy volumes of print, copy, scan and fax jobs.

Wide Format Printing: Top Printers for Small Business Projects

Wide format printers may be of particular importance for businesses printing blueprints, banners, poster boards, displays or other large print projects not supported by traditional print hardware.

Canon offers an extensive line of wide format printers featuring powerful print capabilities, including color print hardware that offers high resolution and a large color spectrum to produce visually stunning wide format materials. The KIP 800 Color Series also features a number of state-of-the-art wide format printers that may be the perfect fit for your business printing needs in 2022.

Best High Volume Printers for Small Business

Some businesses print at a high volume and need print hardware that can deliver the fastest print performance possible. While many standard office printers may range in speeds between 20 and 45 pages per minute, certain specialized office printers can operate much faster, supporting rapid printing at scale.

The AJ printer series, from FP Mailing Solutions, may be the high-speed, high-performance printer your business is looking for. The AJ 180 printer, for example, is a high-speed printer design for mailrooms and other high-volume settings, and is capable of printing up to 34,000 pages per hour—far more than what you’ll get with most conventional office printers.

For a slightly slower print speed and an easier user experience, your office might prefer the AJ 140 from Sissines office systems—which still tops out at an impressive 22,000 pages per hour.While this speed isn’t essential for every business, it could be an invaluable addition to your office if you’re printing high-volume print projects in 2022 and beyond.

Interested in exploring all of your office printing options? Ready to buy new hardware for your business? Contact an office systems provider to identify the right print solutions for your office.