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How To Use A Postage Meter

Postage meters are crucial for businesses that send out multiple mails per day. Advanced models also make the postage process efficient and reduce expenses. How do they work? Why do you need one? If you want to discover why postage meters are necessary and how to use them, read more below!

What is a postage meter?

Postage meters are postage machines that print labels onto mail packages directly. This machine can also create adhesive labels to stick to your mail. Some advanced-level postage meters can weigh packages and calculate the postages you need to pay.

With a postage meter, you don’t need to run to a post office to buy stamps. Print postage anytime you want using an office postage machine.

Why do businesses need postage meters?

Did you ever ask yourself why you would need a postage meter? If you regularly send multiple envelopes or mails, you need one. A postage meter machine will save you time and money. Plus, it automates the stamp-sticking process and calculates postages faster.

Some machines can seal envelopes, making the process even quicker. Want some postage discount for your business? Consider getting a postage meter. You can apply for some postage discounts if you buy one.

Some models are helpful for branding and promotion. They let you print logos or customized messages onto envelopes or sticky labels. This feature helps you put a personalized touch to your official mails.

How to use a postage meter in the office?

Here are the steps to follow before you use a postage meter in your workplace.

Prepare Packages

Using a postage meter is relatively easy. But don’t get hasty. First, prepare your mails. Are you considering printing postage on the blank envelopes? That won’t be a good idea. If you wish to get postage without interruption, separate all the packages according to their sizes.

For example: Separate all the A6 items and pile them together to print postages. Suppose you have larger mails that cannot be automatically printed due to its size, print labels for them. Then put the labels on the envelope manually.

Weigh Mails

Only printing postages will not do. Weighing is also necessary to track your spending in a postage meter. Some meters come with weighing scales. If you have one like that, put your packages on the scale to get a postage value from the meter.

Calculating postages using the postage meter is the most cost-efficient method. If you ever try to switch to another service (for example, get an express service), you can easily change the settings on a postage meter.

If you’ve mistakenly printed the wrong stamp on an envelope, print another stamp to stick on the same envelope. That will save you from wasting envelopes.


Advanced postage meters can print logos, text, and designs onto postage stamps or envelopes. If you like to customize your packages, make sure to set the correct customization settings before you start printing.


To make envelope sealing more efficient, try using glue-based envelopes. Whether you seal them manually or automatically, it saves time. If you have a postage meter that seals automatically, you have nothing to worry about at this stage.

Check funds

Always ensure you have enough funds in the postage meter to print your next batch.

What are the components of a postage meter?

Most postage meters have these essential components described below:

  1. Feeder
  2. Scale
  3. Printing System
  4. Exit Tray

Some upgraded models also have these features that might be useful to you.

  1. Sealer
  2. Keyboard
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Shape-based Pricing
  5. Over-sized Exit Trays
  6. Conveyor Track

What kind of feeder type should you use?

For low to medium-volume postages, consider having a manual feeding type where you insert envelopes manually. Semi-automatic models grab envelopes from your hand when you try to insert them. Best and most efficient for low-to-medium volume postages. But for medium to high volume, we recommend using a postage machine with an automatic feeder. It can grab envelopes from a stack.

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