5 Things Your Company Should Include in Letterhead

5 Things Your Company Should Include in Letterhead

While the world has gone digital, there’s nothing that will make your company stand out more like high-quality letterhead stationery. Instead of an email, a lovely, printed copy of your message on paper with letterhead carries real weight. It can also make the person on the receiving end feel special. There are many ways to make the letterhead itself stand out, from font and paper choices to formatting and color options.

No matter how fancy or straightforward you want it to be, your letterhead stationery should always include these five things:

  1. Your company’s name
  2. Your company’s logo
  3. Your company’s registered address
  4. Your company’s phone number
  5. Your company’s email address

It’s important for the person on the other end of your correspondence to know exactly how to get in touch with you. You can always add additional details that pertain to your business, such as your company’s website or your company tagline. You might also want to include other digital connections like your company’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube website addresses. Whatever else you might want to add depends on the industry your company is in. For example, a dentist’s office may want to list all the dentists in their practice on paper with letterhead.

Consider Your Audience

It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole of design when putting together the perfect letterhead for your business. Before you get absorbed in the world of color and graphics, consider your audience. Who are you sending this letterhead to?

If your company is mostly dealing with bankers or lawyers, something loud and colorful with a wild design might not be the most appropriate option. On the flip side, if you are most often sending out messages on letterhead to the young, hip crowd, something overly streamlined and toned down isn’t likely to catch their attention. It’s also important, of course, to consider the type of image you want your company to display, no matter who is on the receiving end.

Letterhead Formatting

When choosing a font for letterhead, consider readability. Something fancy might look beautiful on paper, but it could also be difficult for your intended reader to decipher. Times New Roman is a classic standard that is easy to read, looks professional, and has several different subcategories to offer. For sticking with a traditional look, Serif fonts continue to be popular. Sans Serif might be a good choice if the size of the print is going to be quite small. 

Paper for Letterhead

There are so many great options of paper for letterhead. One thing to consider is the paper’s weight. Generally, paper options come in various weights, but the most common one is 20-pound paper. While this is a good general paper for just about anything you want to print, it might not be as impressive as something heavier. For letterhead, 24-pound paper is a popular choice. The higher the number, the thicker the paper. Something with a little more thickness generally feels more impressive when being held.

Printing Letterhead

If you are printing letterhead, inkjet printers are a good option, especially when coupled with a high-quality photocopy machine.  It’s important to make sure your printer stands up to the challenge. You also want to ensure that your color logo looks as good as it deserves when you print a physical copy on letterhead. While laser printers may be able to print faster, inkjet printers are going to give you the best color.

A word of caution: Don’t put so much on your letterhead that the main point of your message is muddled. You want to stand out, but you also want to make sure your written communication is understood and catches attention without being overwhelming. Ensure that you are leaving plenty of space for the actual content of the message itself without creating too many distractions.

Letterhead stationery still has its place even in today’s digital world. Some companies are required to have printed materials, but even if that is not the case, high-quality paper with letterhead is a great way to get noticed and stand out.

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